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Mind-Set - Time Saving

It is easier than you think. Let Tracy be your guide, she has taken this journey herself and she is living an empowered life. Tracy is a certified performance coach with years of business experience. She is often asked, "how do you do so much and look so young and stay in shape?" It is a lifestyle, anyone can have it if they are willing to work a little for it. Tracy does the work every day for herself and she can show you how you can do it for yourself.  In the summer you might see her zoom by on her motorcycle, or she is practicing Tai-chi with a group of seniors. She loves to help others live their best life. Try one to one private coaching or group coaching and you will see results. Find success in your health, business, and family life.  She can help you lose weight, have more time, and increase your finances. Her work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. 


Professionalism and Experience

As an experienced performance coach and life mentor, Tracy is professionally trained using proven methods.  What would life be like with a healthier body? If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?     How would it feel if you awoke every day knowing that you were getting closer to your personal goal? 

With focus and consistency your life is sure to change. Tracy offers a satisfaction guarantee for her work. She knows just how powerful it can be, as long as you are willing to do the work it takes to win the prize. 


Supportive Journey

Committing to a healthier lifestyle with less stress, and more control will change your life.  My personal commitment is to provide career coaching for you. Together we create an easy to use action plan that will change your life. You get support and an accountability partner that will champion you to accomplish your goals, change your mind set and find the freedom that you are looking to own.


Veronique Bourbeau- Ultra Marathon Runner

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This is the time to stop trying and start doing.  The impossible becomes

 I'm possible. 

The only thing stopping you from doing is that you keep telling yourself that you are trying. 

Your coach will make you make it possible.

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